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At Uvita Lab, we offer a wide range of high-quality medical services, including urgent care, advanced care, and air ambulance. Our team of highly skilled professionals is dedicated to providing compassionate and personalized care to meet all of your healthcare needs.



In our Hematology service, we offer advanced and detailed blood tests to evaluate a wide range of health conditions. Using state-of-the-art technology and precise methodologies, we focus on providing accurate and comprehensive diagnoses.


Clinical Chemistry

In our Clinical Chemistry service, we specialize in the analysis of body fluids to provide vital information about the health status of our patients. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we perform a variety of tests, from metabolic profiles to hormone studies.



In our Immunology service, we offer specialized tests to evaluate the immune system, helping to diagnose a variety of autoimmune and allergic disorders. Using advanced techniques, our experts analyze the body's immune response to different stimuli.


Molecular Biology

In our Molecular Biology service, we employ state-of-the-art techniques for genetic and molecular analysis, essential in the detection and diagnosis of a variety of genetic conditions and infectious diseases.



Our Parasitology service specializes in the detection and analysis of parasites that can affect human health. Through meticulous laboratory techniques, we identify and analyze parasites present in biological samples, providing crucial diagnostics for the effective treatment of parasitic infections.



At our Urinalysis service, we provide comprehensive urinalysis to detect a variety of medical conditions, from urinary tract infections to kidney disease. Using precise and advanced methods, we evaluate different components of urine to provide reliable and detailed diagnoses.


Sexual Health

At our Sexual Health service, we offer confidential consultations and a comprehensive approach to address all sexual and reproductive health issues. From STD testing to contraception and reproductive health counseling, our expert team provides comprehensive, informed and respectful care.



In our Bacteriology service, we focus on the identification and analysis of pathogenic bacteria to diagnose a variety of bacterial infections. Using advanced microbiological techniques, we provide accurate and rapid results that are critical for the effective treatment of infectious diseases.

Your Pathway to Care at Uvita Lab

From First Contact to Exceptional Care

Initial Contact:

Easy and Fast Communication

When you contact us, either by phone, email or through our website, we respond quickly and efficiently to understand your needs and guide you to the right service.

Service Coordination:

Planning your Attention

Our qualified team will guide you in the selection of the most appropriate medical center and specialist for your case, ensuring a smooth coordination and an appointment that fits your needs and schedule.

Care at the Medical Center:

Personalized and Professional Care

Upon arrival at one of our laboratories, you will be greeted by committed healthcare professionals who will provide personalized medical attention, using the latest technologies and practices to ensure the best possible care.

We work with multiple insurances

National and International Insurance

Thank you for trusting our team and making us one of the most successful labs in Uvita!

Commitment and Excellence in Figures.

Welcome to Uvita!


Years with you!

Throughout 3 years, we have been committed to the health and wellness of Uvita, growing with our community and evolving to meet their medical needs.



We have a team of several highly qualified professionals specialized in various areas of microbiology, committed to providing compassionate and quality care to all our patients.


Medical Centers

We work with more than 10 strategically located medical centers, each equipped with state-of-the-art technology and dedicated staff to provide exceptional medical care.


Satisfied Patients!

The trust and satisfaction of our 1678 patients is a testament to our commitment to excellence in healthcare and the impetus to continue improving every day.

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